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ZREW was established in 1963 to provide repair and modernization services for the energy sector in central Poland.

Company specialized in providing three basic types of services: industrial services involving machines and production lines; repair and modernization of machines in the energy sector and other industries; and the implementation of investment projects.
An additional specialty of ZREW is assistance in restructuring service groups spun off from industrial plants through outsourcing.

ZREW boasts Poland’s largest network of service divisions and is among the country’s largest providers of modernization and repair services.

Our clients include enterprises in sectors such as energy, refineries, petrochemicals, pulp-and-paper, wood and pharmaceuticals.
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Zakłady Remontowe Energetyki Warszawa SA
00-346 Warszawa, ul. Elektryczna 2a, ph. (+ 48 22) 551 81 00, 551 81 02 lub 551 84 00